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The KARN website is currently managed by the Centre for Australian Studies (CAS), Yonsei University.

The Center for Australian Studies (CAS) was founded in 2008, and is the hub of Australian studies in Korea. It promotes people-to-people links, joining Australians and Koreans interested in enhancing the bilateral relationship. Its mission is “to Connect Australia and Korea Closer through Research, Education and Networking”. It contributes to building and strengthening Australia-Korea Partnership in these three domains.

In research, CAS published several books on Australia, including Australia and Korea: The 120 Years of History (2009, Yonsei University Press), and Understanding Contemporary Australia I, II (2011, 2013; in Korean) sponsored by Korea-Australia Foundation (KAF). In education, CAS disseminates knowledge on Australia, with regular seminars on Australia and its partnership with Korea, in cooperation with the Korea-Australia Foundation. CAS arranged undergraduate and postgraduate courses on Australia, and runs university student paper/presentation competitions on Australian issues. Education and research lays the foundation for strengthening networks. CAS is a premier venue for Australian and Korean academics, professionals, and the public to connect across multiple fields, including politics, business, science, etc.

CAS is based in Yonsei University, and led by Professor Heejin Lee (http://gsis.yonsei.ac.kr/faculty/heejinmelb.asp),
a former faculty member of the University of Melbourne and an awardee of an Australian Government Endeavour Executive Award in 2013.

Information on CAS and seminars can be found on https://www.facebook.com/AustralianStudiesKorea/

If you have any inquiries with respect to KARN or would like to receive information on CAS and seminars,
please contact CAS at