Research Collaboration

Overview of Korea-Australia’s research collaboration in innovation and science

Australia’s bilateral science and research relationship with Korea is underpinned by the treaty-level Agreement between the Government of Australia and the Government of the Republic of Korea on Scientific and Technological Co-operation Statement, signed in 1999.

Korea was Australia’s 21st highest publication partner over 2015-18. Australia was Korea’s 7th highest collaborator over the same period.

  • On average, Australian and Korean researchers contributed to more than 850 co‑publications annually.
  • The citation impact of these co-publications was above the average for either country alone.
  • The top five research fields for Australian and Korean co-authored articles and reviews over the period 2015-18 were: medicine, physics, engineering, biochemistry and material sciences.
  • The below image illustrates examples of active research fields and co-authors from Australia and Korea mapped by the Social Network Analysis.