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  • Korea Wu Jeong Hwang
    • Organisation┃Seoul National University
    • Job Title┃PhD candidate in Brain and Cognitive Neuroscience
    • Area(s) of Expertise
      Medicine > Neuroscience
    • Connection with Australia or Korea
      Hold Australian citizenship and was raised in Australia. Graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Bachelor of Biomedicine with Honours, majoring in Neuroscience. Undertook a student exchange program at Seoul National University Department of Biological Sciences during my undergraduate years and am currently a Ph.D. candidate in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at Seoul National University.
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    ■ Overview of expertise My main research interests lie in elucidating the pathophysiology of mental disorders, particularly schizophrenia using multiple neuroimaging modalities, such as MRI, EEG/ERP, and fNIRS.