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Dr. Jeffrey Robertson (Yonsei University) - Political Science - Diplomatic Studies



Dr. Robertson is an Associate Professor at Yonsei University and a Visiting Fellow at the Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy (APCD) at the Australian National University (ANU). Before moving to academia, he worked for the Australian Government in the field of foreign policy and North Asia, focusing on China, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan. This included a period as Senior Research Specialist for the Australian Parliament, where he provided advice to Members of Parliament, Senators, and Parliamentary Committees on foreign policy, political, and strategic affairs relating to North Asia.

Field of study: Diplomatic Studies

Research interests: Diplomatic practice, foreign policy, middle powers, and Korean peninsula affairs

Publications (link):  

 “Is Pyongyang different in Washington and Seoul? Discourse on North Korea”, Korea Economic Institute (KEI) Academic Paper Series, April, 2019. 

Organizational culture and public diplomacy in the digital sphere", Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies, 5(3) 2018, 672-682.
The Stock Market of Diplomatic Reputation: Reputation on Diplomacy’s Frontline”, Hague Journal of Diplomacy, 13(3), 2018, 366-385.
 “Continuity in South Korean foreign policy”, KEIA Academic Paper Series, 20 April 2017.
 “More than Old Friends? Narrative in Australia’s Relationship with Korea”, Australian Journal of Politics and History, 63(1), 2017, 15-30.
 “Australia’s Parliamentary Diplomacy: A Study of the Bilateral Relationship with South Korea”, in Stelios Stavridis and Davor Jancic (Eds), Parliamentary Diplomacy in European and Global Governance, Brill, Amsterdam, 2017.
 “Middle-Power Definitions: Confusion Reigns Supreme”, Australian Journal of International Affairs, 71(4), 2017.

Connection with Australia: Dr Robertson is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy (APCD) at the Australian National University (ANU), and as a recipient of an Australia-Korea Foundation grant, is currently completing a monograph on Australia-South Korea bilateral relations.


Contact info:
Email: jeffrey.robertson@yonsei.ac.kr
Twitter: @Junotane
Web: http://junotane.com