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Ph.D. Hongje Cho (Korea National Defense University) - Social Science - Int'l law & Security





Ph. D. Hongje Cho is a senior research fellow in the Research Institute on National Security Affairs At Korea National Defense University.


After he had finished Ph.D. degree in international law at the University of Gyungbook in 2001, he has served as an air force officer and researched at the Korea National Defense University (KNDU) for last twenty-nine years. While doing his Ph.D. degree, he majored International Law and International Relations. He researched at KNDU on North Korea Ballistic Missile, International Space Law and Nuclear issue, International Terrorism,  Nuclear Summit Meeting, North Korea Space Launch and Capability, North Korea’s UAV attack,  North Korea’s GPS Jamming, International law and legitimacy of Preemptive Strike on North Korea Nuclear facility.


Also he researched as a visiting scholar at McGill University(Canada) from Dec 2012 to May 2013. Now he joins as a visiting scholar at Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University from Dec 2017 to Jun 2018. As a visiting scholar, he plans to research on “Military Competition and Arms Control in Space in Asia”.


Field of study: International Law, Security


Research interests: International Law, Security, COVID-19


Publications (link): http://www.j-institute.jp/military?


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