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Prof. Hee-Kyu Lee (KASSE) - Electric Information System




Prof. LEE, HEE-KYU [李熙奎]

The Korean Association of Senior Scientists and Engineers(KASSE)
Emeritus Professor of  Korea Polytechnic University


Field of study: Electric Information system Eng. / High voltage Discharged

Research interests: Applied Bio technology Eng. /Applied electrostatics on discharged high voltage 

Research area:

1.Environmental counterplan using chemical reaction of discharged plasma

*Air sterilization using atmospheric discharged plasma

*Nonthermal plasma technology for gas treatment

*Applied field: hospital, inner air, newly built house syndrome

2.Underwater pulse discharge technology

*Nonthermal sterilization by HV discharged impulse

*Plasma disjointing of underwater environmental pollution material

*Optional release of solid internal material

*Normal temperature sterilization of liquid foods

*Applied field: eat &drink, milk, liquor, etc, improvement of integrity in liquid foods.

3. electrostatic atomization

*electrostatic atomization phenomenon and formation control of electric charge waterdrop

*electric charge phenomenon control of fine powder

*applied field: space spray, fine coating, mist control





Connection with Australia: Australian Renewable Energy Agency


Contact info: heekl@kpu.ac.kr / heekl@reseat.or.kr